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Better Sleep, Health, Performance
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Light up your performance

Scientific research from the last 25 years has shown that the biological clock in the brain plays an important role in achieving peak performance in sports, but also in situations where healthy sleep is under pressure, such as jet lag, working in night shifts or, of course, just in daily life when stressed. With the help of chrono coaching it is possible to shift this biological clock to your (performance) time, needs and purpose, day or night.

Jacco Verhaeren has worked as a personal coach, national coach and technical director for the Dutch and Australian swimming federation. In his successful career he was at the cradle of victorious swimmers such as Pieter van den Hoogenband, Inge de Bruijn and Ranomi Kromowidjojo. Since 2007, Jacco has been working with nurse Toine Schoutens np, who specializes in shifting sleep-wake rhythms. Together they developed, tested and deployed the app-controlled light glasses.

'Performing at your best at the right time'

As is known, in top sport, details can make the difference between a top performance or “just not”. We cannot influence the time and location of matches, but your individual adjustment – wherever and whenever – for the optimal result can. In addition, a good sleep-wake rhythm is a health and performance condition for everyone and always.

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'Performing at your best at the right time'


How we work

Chrono Coaching by Jacco Verhaeren® offers support to teams, individuals, coaches, leaders and supervisors with the aim of delivering your top performance at any time of the day.

With the GOLD package (the basic package) you can order JV light glasses with a matching functional baseball cap. The JV light glasses come with 2 sets of glasses, light blue and orange. The JV light glasses come in a hard case with a soft microfiber bag and cleaning cloth. You can charge the JV light glasses with the included USB cable.

30 minutes with the blue light of the JV light glasses switched on, gives more energy. Daylight is blocked with the supplied orange lenses in the light glasses (with the blue light off). And that makes you calm and sleepy. The specially designed baseball cap is not only beautiful but also functional. The blue part of the ambient light is extra filtered through the orange underside of the visor.

The guidance by experienced chrono coaches largely consists of the following components:

  • Instruction for purchasing and using the JV Light Glasses + TimeTooler App.
  • Determination of the individual chrono type (are you a morning person / evening person)
  • Mapping the sleep-wake rhythm and any sleep problems
  • Develop a personal schedule that optimizes or shifts the sleep-wake rhythm (where necessary)
  • Support in reducing jet lag
  • Development of a chrono diet
  • Transfer of knowledge about coaching, performance and sleep

The activities of Chrono Coaching by Jacco Verhaeren® consist in all cases of a tailor-made approach and solution.


Knowing more? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information or advice.


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The team

The Jacco Verhaeren Chrono Coaching team consists of experienced experts from health care and sports. There are also opportunities for interns who embrace our new technology and who want to do their graduation research with us.

Many of the support activities such as administration and logistics are outsourced to employees of Chrono Eyewear BV or FluxPlus BV or to experts within the network.


From right to left:

Toine Schoutens , chrono coach

Rick Muller , sales

Jacco Verhaeren , chrono coach

Huub van den Eertwegh , marketing

Wouter Quispel , chrono coach

Robert Scholte , intern