Press release

Since his return from Australia, Jacco Verhaeren, the former national coach of the Dutch swimmers, has been busy. The Tilburg company FluxPlus has developed a unique method with which the physical performance of people can be optimized. This system is called chrono coaching and can make the difference within top sport. Verhaeren explains: “It is sour to see that an athlete is in top shape at some point but is losing his lead due to jet lag, reduced sleep quality or an incorrectly synchronized sleep / wake rhythm. Chrono coaching can make a difference in top sport here, just as it can for the physical and mental health for everyone inside and outside the sport.

Why did you become a Chrono Coach Jacco?

As a coach I have been working on and fascinated by the phenomenon of ‘peak performance’ for more than 30 years. That is to say, delivering a top performance at the right time, for example at the Olympic Games or, more specifically, in an Olympic final. Then physical, technical and mental aspects must come together at the right time and in such a way that you no longer have to think about it. We also call this ‘flow’.

Gold, Silver, Bronze – time of day can make the difference

✔ Time of day can influence performance

✔ Best performance occurs in the late afternoon, while worst performance occurs during the early morning

✔ Peak performance time can differ (magnitude of hours) depending on chronotype

✔ Phase shifting the internal clock in such as way as if it is the later afternoon when performing a race will be advantageous